Bubble Runs

For our Tuesday night club runs we wanted to give you clear guidance (we are obliged to do this as an England Athletics-affiliated club) in line with the government’s latest Covid-19 restrictions.  So please do take the trouble to read carefully the rules below:

  1. Please do NOT just turn up at one of the 5 locations without first booking in through Val.  You would risk causing embarrassment to the run leader if they have to turn you away.
  2. Please vary your choice of location so that everyone else can.
  3. Please make sure you keep 2 metres away from everyone else, including your fellow hoppers: ask yourself if there’s room for a prone Richard Osman between you and the other person.  And observe all the familiar hygiene rules (e.g. please don’t share snacks).
  4. Please don’t congregate or hang around after you finish running – this is part of EA guidance.
  5. Please take your mobile phone if you possibly can so that if someone should be unlucky enough to get injured you can jointly decide on the best course of action, and someone will have a phone.
  6. Please move well out of the way of people using the same path as you, don’t expect them to be the ones to move.  Should you meet someone uneasy enough to resort to verbal abuse, just ignore and run on.  And don’t forget to thank anyone who does move aside for you.
  7. If you find you’re unable to go on a run that you’re booked on, PLEASE let Val know – otherwise you might unnecessarily prevent someone else from getting a place.
  8. Please make sure you arrive on time – all runs will start at 6.45 pm sharp.
  9. STAY AT HOME if you or anyone you live with have any symptoms!
  10. Full “Second Step” EA advice available here:  https://www.englandathletics.org/athletics-and-running/news/guidance-update-step-2/