Nigel Sarjudeen

Mr Ten out of ten. A true gent. Nigel Sarjudeen kindly shares his Hedgehopper memories and more.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Born and bred in London. Came down to Sussex Uni in early 80s. Met my wife of 30 years (Gillian). Three children (25,23,21) Work for Project Antifreeze (Christian homeless support charity) and teach maths to adults. Involved with local church

When did you first start running?

First encountered Hedgehoppers in early 90s but kids got in the way and picked up again in 2007

How many years have you been running for?
13 years

When did you join the Hedgehoppers and why/what made you become a regular?

2007, a year after my heart attack and the year of my first Brighton Half Marathon

Best thing about being a Hopper?

Roy Taylor

Favourite running memory i.e. that WOW moment?

In 2012, a few months before the Olympics, there was a five mile fun run around the Olympic Park finishing on the Olympic track in the not-quite-finished stadium – Neal Cass kindly captured the closing moments on Youtube

What made you start running?

Following a heart attack at the age of 43 in early 2006 I needed to take my exercise more seriously and I always liked running (but I was just not very committed)

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run?

Marathon (10 x Brighton, i.e. all of them) – the photo at the top is the one of me receiving my 10/10 medal at the end of the 2019 Brighton Marathon

Favourite running event and why?

Brighton and Hove Parkrun in Hove Park. Great opportunity for anyone to get in to running and lovely camaraderie

Do you have a nickname and how did you come by it?

I’m not I’m aware of one

Please tell us one thing about yourself that people may not know?

In 2002 I entered and won The Weakest Link