parkrun Series

The 2022 Hedgehoppers parkrun Series calendar:

Date Location
8th January East Brighton
15th January Littlehampton Prom (Age Graded)
29th January Worthing
5th February Bevendean Down (Naked Run)
19th February Preston Park
5th March Hove Prom
12th March Lancing Beach Green (Age Graded)
26th March Hove Park

* For the naked run, please provide Jo Mabbitt with your estimated finish time by Thursday 3rd February. Please ensure that you do not wear a watch whilst participating in this event.

Your six best results will count for your final score and the winners of both the men’s and women’s categories will receive a trophy at the club’s Christmas party.

The scoring system is based on our WWUL system of one point for the first, two for second etc. and 30 points for a non-runner. For five of events the scoring is based on first receiving one point etc. For the other events the scoring will be based on the Age Grading percentage you receive in the parkrun results. So the higher the percentage the better you finish place.

Runners are invited to take part in their Hoppers vest and your parkrun registration is with another club, to let Peter Hedgethorne know that you have taken part, so that he can look out for you in the results.

Most importantly, when participating in events in this series please remember to take your barcode to each event. No barcode, No time, No result. It is your responsibility to remember your barcode.

Please note that all parkruns start at 9am.

For those of you new to parkrun, to register please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser. Then complete the registration form and print out your barcode:

For previous years results, please click on the links below:

Parkrun Grand Prix Results_2018

Parkrun Grand Prix Results_2017

A little bit of the history behind the Hedgehoppers parkrun Series.

Launched In January 2017, the Hedgehoppers parkrun Series is to open to both runners and walkers at the club and follows the parkrun ethos of being open to all – whether you like to run, walk or volunteer at one of the events

The series is based on eight parkrun events involving all of the Brighton ones, Lancing, and Worthing.  From 2022 onwards, we will include one guest parkrun. This time it is Littlehampton Prom. All parkruns start at 9am.

The Hedgehoppers parkrun Series was developed from suggestions by Bob Page to mirror in some form Arena 80’s super series, and Roy Taylor to fill in a long gap between WSFRL races in the first months of the year caused by various changes to their calendar.  The parkrun Series has developed into an annual competition enabling Hedgehoppers to meet up, run, and socialise at all the local parkruns.