Southdown 10

This is an annual club run, held either at the end of May or early June. The date varies slightly to try and take account of other local races. Points are awarded to club runners and added to their WWUL (Where Were You League) total, the club’s own internal league competition.

This event is a resurrection of a large and popular open event staged from the sports centre. Originally devised by Southdowns Orienteers, the first event was held in 1979. The course record is held by Steve Ovett who won the event in a time of 53.45 in June 1985.

The event was then organised by Pauline Stratton as a fundraising event for the 6th Hove Scouts. There were a total of nine events. In there were 1290 entries and until 2007 when there were 149 entries. The 2001 was cancelled due to foot and mouth.

In its current format the course starts and finishes from the sports centre and takes in Beeding Hill, Truleigh Hill and Devils Dyke.

The Course

Start at sports centre car park exit. Left into Chalky Road, left into Mile Oak Road, then right at the top of the hill into The Rise. Bear round to left and follow through to end of houses and through gate into field. Turn right and aim for gap at top left corner of field. Turn right, then over stile on to National Trust land. Take diagonal path, ending slightly uphill and bearing right on to main path.

Follow path through bushes to gate on left leading on to Truleigh Hill path. Turn right and follow path through two gates. Over crest of hill then follow downhill section to metal gate. Turn left after gate and follow path downhill and uphill to sharp corner on tarmac road at Beeding Hill and leading to Truleigh Hill. Drink available here if required. Follow road round right hand corner and continue past youth hostel to Truleigh Hill. Road has now become track (South Downs Way). Stay on South Downs Way until reaching gate where path to Dyke Hotel splits off to the left. Do not follow the SD Way at this point, but take path to the right against fence, leading to corner on road to Dyke.

Over stile and then right turn to head due South. At crossway at end of path turn right and head down to and through New Barn Farm. Cross bridge over by-pass and turn left onto Foredown track. Take first path on right, leading to Fox Way. Cross Fox Way, turning right to head back to sports centre.  Down hill and left through first small entry to sports centre then sharp left to finish on grass area.

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